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Childhood Trauma 

You may be reading this out of concern that your child has suffered some type of trauma, and you want to help him/her but are uncertain how. Maybe it has interfered with your child's behaviors, sleep, mood, and sociability, among other things. It can cause a strain on daily living  and avoidance , unwarranted anxiety of  certain things. It could have been caused by a single incident (e.g., an accident, natural disaster) or repeated occurrences (e.g., abuse, domestic violence, etc.). 

During our time together, I can help your child desensitize his/her feelings from trauma to live a more calming, productive life while significantly decreasing/eradicating anxiety. Also, play therapy can be utilized to get to know your child and to help your child heal from trauma in a way that is compatible for him/her. Family sessions will also aid in the process of encouraging healing. 

"Relationship-Based Trauma Can Only Be Healed Through a Nurturing Relationship" -Dr. Karyn Purvis

Perhaps you have a child who has been diagnosed with an attachment disorder, or  you suspect that your child has difficulties connecting with you. It may even be that you have adopted a child and/or trying to develop & nurture your relationship but are having difficulties by making little to no progress. 

I truly believe that genuine relationships are essential to living. It brings me so much happiness to work alongside families, and I would love the opportunity to help nurture hope and deepen, strengthen the roots of your family. This can be done by providing therapy that is very family-oriented through helping your family learn ways to build trust and connectedness with your child while tailoring needs to fit your family. 

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