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"Play is a medium for expressing feelings, exploring relationships, and self-fulfillment."-Garry Landreth 

Does your child struggle with anxiety and/or depression that interferes with his/her  daily living?  Maybe your child has low motivation, sad or angry mood, difficulties  focusing at school, poor emotional regulation, and struggles developing/strengthening friendships...  Or does  your child have fears that inhibit goals or daily expectations?   Some kids and teens even struggle with suicidal thoughts and self-harm. This can be scary for them and parents.  

If your child struggles with these things, I would like to join-in (literally) and help. We can address these concerns through play-therapy, which is a child's natural way of communicating. We can use "play,"  which is less scary, to understand what is going on in your child's world while helping him/her learn how to respond appropriately to unpleasant situations and feelings. Even adults enjoy abstract play in sessions & learn so much about themselves; therefore, certain types of "play" can be used for teens. Play therapy utilized will be tailored developmentally for your child.

 I even hold family sessions to help you, as the parent, reinforce what is learned in therapy and needed developmentally for your child.

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